Friday, February 16, 2007

Respecting Parliament

Thank you, Mr. Harper. The government will respect the will of Parliament with regard to the most recent Kyoto Bill. No matter how ridiculous its judgment in this case, we ought to abide by legislation enacted in the House. It's simply tory principle. But it's also an opportunity.

As I said on Hobbs's blog yesterday, the opposition's handed the Conservatives a gift with this bill. I don't think Harper should come out against the legislation, but embrace it for what it is: the opportunity to table a report on precisely how damaging Kyoto will be. Tell the public that shutting down the Oil Sands completely, plus every coal generator in Ontario, will only get us halfway to meeting the Kyoto targets. Make sure the report also includes shutting down churches, schools and abortion clinics in Quebec (people have to drive to them -- creates too many emissions). Send the report as a bill, itself, through two readings. Have the Liberals make their own suggestions for how to destroy the economy. Accept every single Liberal amendment. Then table the report for the third reading in the House. Make it a confidence motion. Debate it on national television. Have the entire Conservative caucus vote against the bill. The Bloc will join you. The government falls. You then run the election on Dion's plan. Brilliant.

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